We help Domestic patients seeking affordable treatment at some of the best hospitals in India!

We work with you for your medical treatments, by providing the following services:

  • As a Healthcare Facilitator we guarantee to comprehend your medical concerns, problems, issues and recommend you the most ideal plan for treatment. We analyse your medical history and concerns and propose tailored health solutions.
  •  During your complete journey of treatment, we are there to take care of you.
  • We provide a complete Technology solution through a single point of contact, to deal with your concerns involving Digital Health records, Second opinion assistance, Discovery of best treatment possible, Community Access and Connect platform.

We help foreign patients seeking affordable treatment at some of the best hospitals in India!

We study, suggest, arrange and execute your complete experience.

Before you travel to India:

  • We share the pertinent medical details with you and assist you in understanding it.
  • We suggest hospitals and doctors which are best suitable for your medical requirements.
  • We assist you in planning and finalizing your travel and lodging planning.
  • TAH India always contemplates whether the hospital is NABH / JCI accredited, to make sure hygiene and standards of services.

The Angel Healthcare has invented a completely new way to direct the health of the employees of your company. We have devised an approach to maintain the health status record of all the employees. To maintain the environment of your organization and keep it stress free, full of energy, we have an all-inclusive corporate health report and a yearly scheme for the company as a whole.

  • Corporate health report is used to schedule certain health campaign for the organisation. Targeted health drives, as live sessions on stress management at workplace and on recurring health issues are implemented
  • Through seminars and targeted notifications to your employees, we spread health awareness in your organization.
  • To improve the general health, sessions on medical attention points such as stress, lifestyle issues namely obesity, diabetes, etc. are conducted.

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