Myths & facts -Knee replacement surgery

Some patients need a knee replacement surgery but have a doubt in their minds. These patients are reluctant to not get operated. They refuse surgery because they are scared. People talk about this surgery without much knowledge and most of it is overheard by them. Unfortunately because of many doubts and myths these patients get confused and refuse to get operated. So clear your myths and facts and get the best knee replacement surgery in India and get consulted with the best orthopedic surgeons in India

Myth 1: I will be in the bed for a long time after the surgery.

Truth: The new rapid recovery allows the patients to walks on the same day of their surgery as now we have the best knee replacement surgery options in India.

Myth 2: There will be a problem in bending the knee after the surgery

Truth:  Almost all the new implants allow normal range of movement at the knee joint, so one will be able to bend the knee fully after the surgery.

Myth 3: The foreign body inserted in my body will get rejected.

Truth: The artificial joints inserted in our body are made up of a metal which is well-suited for our body and can stay in the body eternally without any side effects.

Myth 4: There will be a major need of physiotherapy after the surgery and the recovery is very slow

Truth: Mostly patients do not call for a physiotherapist at home. The patients are taught exercises while they are still in the hospital and then all the patients need to  practice the same exercises at home. Infact around 98% of the patients are able to walk without an aid after 4 weeks.

Myth: The knee replacement surgery has high risk and fails most of the times.

Truth: There is a risk of infection during the surgery. But the risk is only around 2%. But in experts hands you will always get best advise and treatment.

Myth: A person above 65 years is unable to tolerate such a major surgery.

Knee replacement surgery is mostly done in older adults that includes age group of 65yrs age bar. So it is safe surgery and all the patients are screened well before they are taken for a surgery.

Myth: These artificial knees last only for 10 to 15 years so the senior citizens must avoid these surgeries.

It is true that these artificial knees have a life, but it is worth getting the knee replacement surgery as it improves the “quality of life” at age 60. If a person is unable enjoy their daily routine then its better if the person gets knees replaced .

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