Female Infertility – Six causes that can stop you from conceiving

If you’ve been trying to get pregnant without success for a period of 12 months, and still facing difficulties then you need medical assistance. There are various causes that stop women from conceiving. But many of these causes can be reversed with medical intervention or lifestyle changes.

To have a baby is a deep human desire but many couples suffer from infertility – of these more than half seek medical help and are able to conceive. The problem could lie with either partner, or sometimes with both. Most conditions in women, however, can be reversed through surgery, medication and lifestyle changes. All you need is best gynaecologist & fertility experts who can figure out the problem. Today IVF is gaining popularity and making the dreams of parenthood come through.

The causes

  • In women, fallopian tubesmay get blocked due to infections like sexually transmitted diseases and TB. The fallopian tubes carry the eggs from the ovaries to the uterus. Blockages prevent eggs from meeting the sperm and the fertilized egg from reaching the uterus. In such cases Gynae laparoscopic surgeon will be able to detect and treat the problem.
  • Obesityis another pandemic that leads not only to infertility but also to miscarriages and diabetes during pregnancy. The ideal BMI of 21 to 25 should be maintained in women trying to get pregnant. Also polycystic ovarian disease where the androgen or male hormone is in excess in women can be controlled by lifestyle modification – this helps women to conceive.
  • Being underweightand the new size zero obsessions also leads to infertility. This causes anovulation, in which the egg is not released from the ovary. Some women get their periods, but they don’t ovulate.
  • Every woman is born with a fixed number of eggs. Delaying the age of marriage and conception to after 35 years leads not only to infertility but also to increased chances of disorders in the child like Down Syndrome. As age advances, incidence of other gynaecological conditions like fibroids and endometriosis also increases. So it is advisable to get yourself check from IVF & Fertility expert before trying to conceive.
  • Alcohol and smokingnot only leads to infertility but also causes foetal growth retardation in pregnancy and can lead to disorders in the child. Recent studies have shown that just 300 mg per day of caffeine can lead to anovulation – a cup of coffee has 150 mg of caffeine. Several beverages, chocolates and other foods contain caffeine.
  • A stressful and hectic lifestylealso leads to anovulation. Today’s women live a modern lifestyle with all its stresses and addictions. These can trigger neurochemical changes in the body which disrupt the reproductive process.

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