Know everything about Pilonidal Sinus

Know everything about Pilonidal Sinus

An Italian term “Pilonidal Sinus” which means “nest of hair” occur because of ingrown hair. It is believed the reason of this could be a combination of changing hormones (because it occurs after puberty), and friction from clothes or from spending a long time sitting. Pilonidal Sinus is not so known ailment, still it is becoming moderately common in young generations especially among males between the age group 20 and 30. Hence, it is suggested to take best pilonidal sinus treatment with early age time so that it does not bring further complications in the future.

What is Pilonidal Sinus?
It is an immune response of body against the friction foreign like sitting, can force the hair growing in the area to burrow back under the skin which is of cystic structure which is usually developed in the buttocks of a tailbone. The location where it is almost found is almost 4-5 cm from the anus. Mainly the cyst is filled with the hair or skin debris or bacteria. Thus, make sure you are consulting reputed Doctor for pilonidal sinus who has years of experience in the medical domain. The doctor consulted must be one of the leading surgeons with hands on experience in treating simple to complex pilonidal sinus cases and who are known for giving positive results. Even if you are thinking of avoiding it then, it can cause you major complications in the future. It is recommended to consult best surgeon for pilonidal sinus for permanent treatment.
Pilonidal Sinus

Common Symptoms for Pilonidal Sinus
If more than one cyst occurs on the body then, it may get connect to each other by tunnel. Usually it forms tunnel under the skin which eventually creates abscess. Those who suffer from pain and soreness they also observe pus discharges from the cyst on their body that continually fills up with detritus leading to re-infection.
There are basically no such noticeable symptoms of pilonidal sinus but still, if you are observing these kind of changes in your body around the cyst, then it might be pilonidal sinus.
It is a small dimple-like depression or a tender lump under the skin developed on the skin in the natal cleft in the buttocks generally near the tailbone. Or a periodic drainage of blood or Pus also forms the Sinus

Treatment Procedures
In most of the cases, it can be treated with medication. However, if the sinus gets infected then you must go for a surgery. The surgery could be a conventional surgery which is performed under local anesthesia that needs to remove all kind of debris and abscess from the cyst.

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