Lumbar Corpectomy and Fusion could be an operation that’s performed to alleviate the pain caused by broken vertebrae or disc material that pinches and blocks the nerve roots.
This surgery involves the removal of diseased bone or damaged discs, followed by the fusion of affected vertebrae to restore spinal stability.
Lumbar Corpectomy and Fusion is recommended for patients World Health Organization have pathological or broken vertebrae within the lower spine, such as from a spinal fracture, tumor, or infection.The diseased or damaged vertebra pinches and blocks the nerve root, which in turn causes pain in the lower spine. This surgery conjointly corrects any deformities within the vertebral column.

  • Incision- The patient is given general anesthesia. The surgeon makes an incision in the left side of the patient to gain access to the spinal column.
  • Removal of discs- The surgeon removes the discs above and below the diseased or damaged vertebrae. Any fragments of the damaged vertebra are also removed. The operating surgeon clears the bone surface and prepares it for receiving the bone graft.
  • correction of curvature- The operating surgeon inserts bolts within the and lower vertebrae. With the help of these bolts and other surgical instruments, the vertebral space is opened and the curvature of the spinal cord is corrected.
  • Insertion of bone graft- Once space is open, the bone graft or substitute of bone graft is implanted in the space. The bone area is then closed to carry the bone graft firmly in its place.
  • Insertion of Zplate- A metal plate known as Zplate is put between the upper and lower vertebrae. This plate bridges the upper and lower vertebrae. Screws and nuts are added to keep the Zplate in its right place.
  • Closure- The procedure ends once the operating surgeon closes the incision with the assistance of stitches. The wound is cleaned and a medical bandage is applied over it. During the process of healing, the bone graft can knit with the higher and lower vertebrae to make one solid bone fragment referred to as fusion.

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