Total Hip Replacement or THR procedure is done for the candidates, who go through any kind of hip arthritis. THR improves the entire quality of life. It is done to remove the femoral head entirely and the hip that causes the trouble is substituted with a new and artificial hip. Then the prosthesis or implant is set with a new socket and a new ball. The new ball here is connected to the stem and it would get machined in the bone of hip. The implant used for the hip replacement could wear out in some period of time. So, on average, the implant lasts for over 15 to 20 years, but for the younger candidates, this period is often less. After it starts to wear out, revision of the same hip replacement procedure can be considered.

Patients of any age can go through the procedure with us as we are the best healthcare consulting firm in India. We give you the best Hip replacement surgeons in a cost-effective and with a better rate of satisfaction. Artificial hip replacement is commonly performed in two ways. These are uncemented prosthesis and cemented prosthesis.

After the completion of total hip replacement, physiotherapy and rehabilitation are recommended, as it plays a vital role for any patient. The purpose of these procedures is to increase the movement and to get back to normal activities. After the replacement and before the discharge from the hospital, the patient is given a list of the exercises, which are recommended by the best physiotherapist in India. These exercises are to be done at regular intervals of time.

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