Take Care Of Your Skin This Monsoon Season

Monsoon may come as a relief from the scorching heat but it is certainly not best friends with your skin. During this moist, damp weather, your skin tends to attract microbes and fungi, which lead to skin problems like dullness, acne and breakouts. Moreover the chances of skin infection is very high and requires special attention and skincare treatment in few cases.

Changing weather during this season tends to make your skin oilier. And excess oil can cause breakouts, invisible pores, patchy, scaly skin and more.
So here are some tips from to make your skin happy and glowing even in monsoons:

Cleansing: Cleansing your face twice a day in monsoon is very beneficial so as to avoid your skin being a breeding ground for bacteria causing acne and clogged pores. Using anti-bacterial toner at night to help restore the skin’s pH. It also helps in preventing breakout and infections.

Moisturizing: Just because it’s humid, does not mean you don’t need a moisturizer. Humid weather can dehydrate your skin and make it dull. Use a lightweight moisturizer that offers a matte finish. Using a lightweight lotion based moisturizer helps skin retain its natural moisture and nourishes it from deep within.

Exfoliation is key:Scrubbing your face twice a week will help you get rid of dead cells and clogged pores. However, make sure you use a mild scrub without any thick granules that can damage your skin. If you have normal or combination skin, you can also use an exfoliating face wash with glycolic or salicylic acid instead.

Pay attention to ingredients:In your weekly face mask, look for ingredients like tea tree oil, aloe vera and neem to clear oily skin, or use a homemade concoction of honey, lemon and yoghurt. Use antibacterial, antioxidant, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties to avoid any infections in order to avoid skin issues.

Sunscreen: Overcast may hide the sun, but its UV rays are still present and can harm your skin. Use your sunscreen regularly and ensure that your sunscreen is waterproof and has SPF between 25-50.

Avoid using heavy makeup:Avoid heavy makeup as it can clog your pores. Give your skin time to breathe, rejuvenate and clear your pores to avoid any acne problems.

Visit your dermatologist:Sometimes simple tips at home is not enough for a healthy skin. Dermatologist & Cosmetic Physicians are experts having knowledge of skincare conditions and can suggest right and effective cosmetic procedures likes Botox, Fillers, Carbon peels, microdermabrasion, facelifts and other cosmetic procedures. So if home remedies doesn’t work don’t wait and watch, visit best dermatologist to get the right and effective skincare treatment.

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