Know all about joint replacement surgery

A joint replacement surgery is a procedure where a less functional or non-functional is replaced with an artificial joint called as prosthesis.  The joints are stiff structures which may lose their strength due to mechanical injuries, medical issues etc. Joint pain is another major reason people undergo joint replacement surgeries.

A joint replacement surgery helps in better movement of the joints, relieving pain. This is a simple surgical procedure which includes replacing the malfunctioned or dysfunctional joint with a man-made substitute in order to carry out the daily activities without any issues. Complications of joint surgeries are infection around prosthesis, blood clotting, nerve injury, malfunctioning of the prosthesis. 

How and when is surgery for joint replacement surgery advised? 

Joint replacement surgery is also known as replacement arthroplasty which gets its meaning from a Greek word meaning formation of a joint/limb.  Joint replacement surgeries can be done in almost all kind of joints mainly knee, hip, shoulder, ankle and fingers. Most common joint replacement surgeries are knee and hip replacement surgery. Want to know cost of joint replacement surgery

Knee replacement surgery is one of the most common joint replacement surgeries particularly in India. A damaged or diseased knee is replaced with an artificial prosthetic which is shaped as a knee to treat the restriction in mobility and pain. There are certain conditions which causes knee damage such as hemophilia, knee injury, knee deformity , bone growth etc. 

A knee replacement surgery can be divided into four main types- partial knee replacement, total knee replacement, kneecap replacement and complex knee replacement. Patients are allowed to resume their daily activities within 6 months after the surgery. Patients may need to use crutches, walking aids for some time. Full recovery may be expected 18 months after the surgery. In knee replacement surgery, recovery regimen plays a major role. Physical exercises and a medical routine is provided to the patients to be strictly followed for at least two to three months.  This is done on inpatient basis and the patient may have to stay in the hospital for 4-5 days. There are some rare complications associated with the surgery for joint replacement such as deep vein thrombosis, stiffness in knee,  bone break during or after the surgery.  The cost of knee replacement in India ranges from 1.5 lacs to 2.5 lacs.


In hip replacement surgery, the damaged parts of the hip joints are replaced with artificial joint called prosthesis which is made up of metal, ceramic and hard plastic.  The hip replacement is a common surgery these days. Hip pain is dull and aching which may or may not persist continuously.  .The pain may also be felt near the groin which further causes issues in general daily activities of the patients.  Major causes for these surgeries are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteonecrosis. Apart for these medical conditions there are other situations where patients consider hip replacement surgery such as persistent pain, which is not relived even after taking pain medications continuously, pain aggravating with walking, movement, sleep interference because of pain.

There are certain risks associated with the surgery such as blood clots, infections, Fractures, dislocation, change in leg length. Since these include insertion of artificial joints inside the human body, there are chances of metal interacting with the body itself. Artificial joints used these days are made considering all the possible reactions or interactions of the body. Majority of the prosthetics are made up of metal that fits into a cup liner made up of hard liner. The metal on metal prosthetics has high chances of releasing the metal ions into the blood stream which can cause bone erosion.  In such cases, a second hip replacement surgery may be required. It is because of this interaction, metal on metal prosthesis are rarely used and newer combinations are used for surgeries of joint.

The joint replacement surgery is a typical and expensive process and the overall cost may differ from each other considering all the aspects. The insert used in the surgery is another aspect which influences the overall cost.  Different types of prosthesis are available and depending on the customer choice and body state, the prosthesis is chosen. The materials used in the artificial parts are generally made up of chromium, titanium, and ceramic.  The physicians assess the overall condition of the patient and recommend the kind of surgery the body requires.

A patient’s overall health and activity level plays a major role in predicting the success of the joint replacement surgery. For example, a patient of parkinson’s disease are more at the risk as compared to a normal healthy human without any chronic disease. The cost of hip replacement surgery in India ranges from 2 Lakh to 4.5 Lakh average including all the charges such as treatment method, investigation and evaluation, hospital charges.  If you want to get help, contact the Best joint replacement surgery in Delhi NCR

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