Know all about cosmetic and plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is one of the best and widely accepted option for improving the appearance and functionality of a body part. This is the process of reconstruction of tissues or skin to restore the function as the real one. The plastic surgery is a boon for improving the scars, distortion that could be caused due to an accident, medical procedure or a facial procedure. It is very important that a plastic surgery is carried under the guidance of best plastic surgeon in town.

Plastic surgery could be a reconstructive surgery which includes burns, craniofacial surgery or any other hand or microsurgery. A reconstructive surgery aims at restoration of a body part to improve its functionality that might have been lost its original performance due to some reason. The other type of surgery is the cosmetic surgery works at improving the appearance of a body part and is more about beautification. Developments in medical science have made it possible to improvise and enhance the external beauty of human body. Plastic surgery has been a growing fascination for people to many Asian countries, including Malaysia. With the help of plastic surgery, people can improve their appearance and their living condition. Before option for any type of surgery it is very important to take guidance with skin care professional and cosmetic surgeon to avoid any health issue in the future.

Just like any other surgery, plastic surgery also has certain disadvantages. The most obvious reason most people are conscious and nervous before opting for a plastic surgery is that the results cannot be predicted exactly before the surgery. It is advised to consult a plastic surgeon with all the kinds of reaction, possibilities, allergies, skin issues to clarify all the possibilities related to the procedure.

With time, there have been great and major improvements in the field of medical science for plastic surgery. The most common plastic surgeries include eyelid surgery, breast augmentations, liposuctions, facial rejuvenation, breast reduction, nose reshaping. Every year, there is an increase of three percent patients undergoing plastic surgery for different reasons.


The main benefit of cosmetic surgery is that it helps to align the natural appearance of  the body with your desired appearance. The scars can be revised with the help of this procedure and it is one of the most important reasons people undergo cosmetic surgery. Scar revision gives a clear and spot free appearance of the body parts. Some surgical procedures can also be used to improve physical health as well as looks. For example, rhinoplasty can improve breathing at the same time and at the same time; it improves the appearance of the face with a better shape of the nose. A person who wishes to undergo body contouring such as liposuction would help the person with the heavy appearance by reducing the weight and at the same time, will help with issues arising due to obesity. If you are also having thoughts about going for a cosmetic surgery, make sure you contact the best cosmetic surgeon and look after all the ifs and buts before making a final decision.

The procedure and cost for surgery

A cosmetic surgery works on aesthetic purpose which ultimately serves the enhancement of beauty different body parts. When it comes to a choice of altering and fixing own body parts, making a good choice for the surgeon as well as the type of surgery should be done with care. This surgery includes surgical and non-surgical procedures for improvising the appearance of structures of body to boost confidence in them. It is an elective procedure and should be dealt with care. There are many factors one needs to take care of, before getting a cosmetic surgery done and the most important is the cost for cosmetic surgery which can between one to two lakhs generally. 

 A plastic surgery is an expensive procedure and needs to be done and dealt with properly. The cost of the entire procedure may vary from hospital to hospital and the type of surgery chosen. Average cost of the surgery in India is around 1.5- 2 lakhs. India is one of the most preferred locations for people seeking affordable plastic surgery. The cost in India is thirty to fifty percent lesser as compared to most developed countries.

There is a common myth that cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are two different terms for the same procedure, which is not the reality. The purpose of both these surgeries is completely different and serves different outcomes. Whether it is a cosmetic surgery that you want to take help with or a plastic surgery, with best plastic and cosmetic surgeons you can get the best surgery & treatment at the most affordable costs.

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