Total Knee Replacement is often known as Total Knee Arthroplasty. This is a surgical procedure, in which the damaged, diseased or worn out knee joint is replaced with an artificial surface, after removing the original one. The knee replacement procedure is performed by our best orthopaedic surgeons for relieving the disability and pain that are caused by the meniscus tears, cartilage defects, degenerative arthritis and ligament tears. Total knee replacement surgery involves four basic steps. These are the preparation of the bone, positioning the metal implants, resurfacing the patella, and insertion of a spacer.

In the human body, the knee is the largest joint present. It is always needed for daily activities. The knee is made from the combination of the upper end of the shinbone, the lower end of thighbone and kneecap. The network of these three bones is smothered with a smooth substance called articular cartilage. This substance modifies the bones to move easily and protects them. Wedges are present here which then act just like a shock absorber and also help the joint to cushion. Knee pain or knee disability is commonly caused by arthritis. There are many kinds of arthritis and out of them, most painful are rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and post-traumatic arthritis for which we have the best knee replacement surgeons and we provide the best medical opinions from the best Indian doctors and hospitals.

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