General Questions About Surgery for Scoliosis

  • Do I need surgery?

If your curve is greater than 45-50°, it will very likely get worse, even after you are fully grown.This may increase the cosmetic deformity in your back, as well as affect your lung function.Surgery is recommended.Curves between 40° and 50° in an exceedingly growing kid fall under a gray space many factors could influence whether or not surgery is usually recommended.These should be discussed with your surgeon.

  • How successful is surgery for scoliosis?

Spinal fusion is incredibly made in stopping the curve from growing.Today, doctors also are ready to straighten the curve considerably that improves the patient’s look.

  • How straight will my spine be after surgery?

Because your spinal bones defend your funiculus, your surgeon will straighten the bones only as far as is safe.The degree of correction from surgery depends on however versatile your spinal curvature is before your operation. In general, a lot of versatile your curve is, the better the correction from surgery.
Your doctor will live your flexibility before surgery with special x-rays referred to as bending or traction films.Most patients get over surgery with curves that are straightened to but 25°.In many cases, these small curves are hardly noticeable.

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