The MACs facelift is a significant advancement in facial rejuvenation surgery as it involves relatively little undermining and consequently, the recovery is quicker. It also has the significant advantage of improving the mid face and malar area which other facelift techniques do not tent to help.
The incision is limited to the skin hairline junction above the ear and anterior to the ear. There is no extension behind the ear. The area of undermining, unlike a conventional facelift, is much smaller and essentially involves a portion of the cheek. Because there is less undermining the blood supply to the skin is much more robust and there is much less risk of any skin necrosis, unlike other lifts. Recovery is further enhanced by the use of tissue glue to seal blood vessels thus reducing bruising and discomfort.

The operation is performed under a local anesthetic with sedation in most cases and requires an overnight stay. The operation usually takes about two hours.

It is ideally suited to the younger patient with a sagging midface but can be used in older patients with really excess skin in the neck region where it may be necessary in some cases to make an incision posterior to the ear to take up the slack, but in most cases, this is not necessary.

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