What Is a Left Ventricular Assist Device?

A left chamber assist device (LVAD) is a pump that we have a tendency to use for patients who have reached end-stage failure. We surgically implant the LVAD, a battery-operated, mechanical pump, that then helps the heart ventricle (main pumping chamber of the heart) pump blood to the whole body.

LVADs can be used as:
The bridge-to-transplant procedure: This can be a life-saving therapy for patients awaiting a heart transplant. Patients use the LVAD till a heart becomes accessible. In some cases, the LVAD is ready to revive the failing heart, eliminating the necessity for a transplant. Learn more about heart transplant.

Destination therapy: Some patients don’t seem to be candidates for heart transplants. In this case, patients will receive a long treatment with LVAD, which may prolong and improve patients’ lives.

The job of the LVAD is to assist your weakened ventricle pump blood. Unlike in the past, LVAD devices are currently moveable. This means you’ll come home with the LVAD and continue your traditional activities whereas looking forward to a heart to become accessible. In order to receive associate degree LVAD, we want to perform a variety of tests to work out that you just the right candidate for the device.

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