Excision may be a kind of back surgery used to relieve compression on the medulla spinalis.During the procedure, your doctor can take away the plate. The plate is a component of the bone that forms the neural arch within the spine. Your doctor will also remove bone spurs. These structures will place pressure on the medulla spinalis or nerve roots.

This can cause:

  • mild to severe back pain
  • numbness or weakness in the legs
  • difficulty walking
  • difficulty controlling bladder or bowel movements

An excision is just used if your symptoms interfere with way of life.

It’s performed when less invasive treatments have failed. This surgery is also called:

  • lumbar laminectomy
  • cervical laminectomy
  • decompressive laminectomy

In rare cases, back pain is caused by a infection, or a nerve root downside referred to anatomical structure equina syndrome.

In these cases, surgery is advised right away to ease the pain and prevent more problems.  Laser spine surgery is quite expensive. But The Angl Healthcare helps you find the affordable and best back pain treatment in India, by best laser spine surgeon in India.

This is performed when spinal stenosis causes a narrowing of the spinal canal that results in pain, numbness or weakness. The surgeon removes the bony walls of the vertebrae and any bone spurs, aiming to open up the spinal column to remove pressure on the nerves.


This procedure is used to remove a disk when it has herniated and presses on a nerve root or the spinal cord. Laminectomy and discectomy are frequently performed together.

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