Discectomy is a surgical procedure commonly performed to remove the herniated disc. And the disc that passes over the spinal cord or nerve root is called the herniated disc material. The central portion of the nucleus pulposus, an intervertebral disc is abstracted in the surgery. The removal of this disc is important as it causes pain, as it stresses the radiating nerves or spinal cord. The result for this will be weakness followed by numbness. The symptoms may spread and extend to the arms and seldom to the legs also. There are advanced technology in discectomy, called endoscopic discectomy, microdiscectomy and laser discectomy which is done by the top surgeons in India

Discectomy is useful to palliate the radiating symptoms, rather than actual neck pain or actual back pain. Most of the patients get relief from the non-surgical and more conservative treatments, like physical therapy or pain medication. When these treatments are found to be of no use, discectomy is recommended by the surgeons. The advanced technology and method of minimally invasive discectomy is widely recommended by the best spine surgeons in India and conducted to ensure that small incisions would be enough to perform the surgery with fewer complications.

After discectomy is performed, the patient is transferred to the recovery room. The patient will then be closely monitored by the best health care team from the top hospitals in India. If there are no complexities or hard medical conditions, the patient can be sent home on the same day. However, if there are any complexities, then the stay will be extended in the hospital.

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